What is the difference between Governing Member and Corporate Member?


Governing Members are the organisation that represent the water professionals in their country and their mission is to leverage the International Water Association in their country. Joining IWA as a Governing Member is a way to partner with IWA to strengthen the national or regional water professional network and its capacities through exposure to international experiences, knowledge and capacity building, while enhancing the opportunities for the national water professionals to develop an international network, showcase national expertise, and develop their thought leadership. Contact members@iwahq.org if you would like to investigate how your country can become a Governing Member.

Governing Members govern the IWA by voting for the president and voting for the strategic plan. More benefits and responsibilities of the Governing members may be found in the IWA Bylaws.

Governing Members DO NOT have any of the membership benefits of a corporate member.

However, depending on the needs and requests, some Governing Members can choose to apply for a Corporate Membership. Some key benefits of the Corporate Membership are free journal publication (between one and three, depending on the size of the corporate package), nomination of representatives (between five and 32, depending on the size of the corporate package), an organisation page on IWA Connect, amongst other benefits. All the list of benefits can be found here

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