What are the conditions of becoming an IWA Fellow?


To become an IWA Fellow:

1. The nominee must have made outstanding contributions to IWA and distinguished contributions to the advancement of water science and technology as an educator, a practitioner, a utility manager, a regulator, a researcher, an engineer, a scientist or as a technical leader, etc.

This recognition is not only based on past achievements and contributions to the water industry in general and IWA in particular. IWA Fellows are expected to continue his/her professional contribution actively in the future, and to demonstrate the contribution of IWA members to society.

2. At the time of the nomination, the Nominee must have been an IWA member for a period of five consecutive years or more, including the year of evaluation. You can log into IWA Connect and search for your nominee’s profile to check when they became members.

3. Your nominee confirms the willingness to serve as an IWA Fellow.

More information about Fellows can be found here.

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