What are the engagement activities of Specialist Groups (SGs)?


For a start, you will be informed of all news relating to the publication of newsletters, what activities the group is undertaking, and specialized conferences it is hosting, as well as news of any changes within the group and the SG management committee.

For those who wish to actively contribute to a Groups’ activities- here are some ways you can do so:

1. Contribute to the publications produced by the SG, which range from SG newsletters to the publication of reports and books; 

2. Attend and present at specialized conferences organized by the SG;

3. Become involved in task groups and working groups to work on specific tasks together with some other members;

4.Post relevant information, events, questions and content on the IWA Specialist Group Connect Groups.

If you are seeking an even higher level of engagement then consider some of the following options for involving yourself in the management of the SG:

1. During SG Election periods put yourself forward for nomination as a SG management committee member;

2.Help in the organization of the specialized conferences as a member of the program committee or organizing committee;

3. Take up an initiative to create task groups or working groups


 If you have any further questions regarding engagement in specialist groups, please contact the Specialist Group Management Committee and billy.thurston@iwahq.org or kambiri.cox@iwahq.org.

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