How can I order journal(s) with special member rate?


IWA INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS: can subscribe to up to 2 journals for personal use at a discounted member rate.
- Login to your IWA Connect account, this will redirect you to the "Select Journal" page. From here, you will be able to select the desired journal(s).

IWA CORPORATE MEMBERS: corporate membership includes entitlement to 1–3 PRINT ONLY journals (depending on the membership package chosen). If online access and/or additional print journals are required, IWA Publishing can provide a quotation at a discounted rate. For any quotation or invoices requests, please send an email to
- The strategic/administrative contact can select the journal(s) during the membership application or renewal process. Please note that the free print journal(s) have to be selected within 60 days from application or membership renewal confirmation. For any additional questions about the journal selection process for Corporate Members, please send us an email at 

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