Can I subscribe to both the print and online version of a journal?


IWA INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS: can subscribe to up to 2 journals for personal use at a discounted member rate.
- Login to your IWA Connect account, this should redirect you to your "Membership" tab, you can then check the boxes of the desired journals.

IWA CORPORATE MEMBERS: corporate membership includes entitlement to 1–3 PRINT ONLY journals (dependent on the membership package chosen). If online access and/or additional print journals are required, IWA Publishing can provided a quotation at a discounted rate. For quotation, please send an email to
- The strategic/administrative contact can select the choice of journal(s) during membership application and a year from application date. Please note that the free print journal(s) has to be selected within 60 days from application or membership renewal confirmation.

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