Can I create my own posts?


Yes, you can create your own posts.

To create a post in IWA Connect, you can select either the “new post” label beneath the top-level navigation menu tab “posts” or the white bar in the main dashboard of IWA Connect.

Here you will be able to share an update in either groups or channels. Your message can be complemented by images, videos, audios and documents.

IWA Connect also allows you to create your own forms. If you choose to share a form, you will be requested to formulate your own questions and select the desired type of answers. These can be:

  • Open answer – short text
  • Open answer – long text/paragraph
  • Closed answer – single selection
  • Closed answer – multiple selection/check list

Important note: if you share copyrighted materials, please ensure you have permission from their authors.

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