How do I customise my organisation profile page in IWA Connect?


Find your organisation page

Step 1

From the IWA Connect homepage, click on Organisations in the tab menu at the top of the page.

This opens up a search screen where you can type the name of your organisation. When the search results appear, click on the name of your organisation to open your organisation page.

Step 2:

On your organisation page, you have three tabs: Timeline, About this Group and Group members.

The Timeline tab is where posts, updates, dialogue, articles, links, videos and more can be created and curated by group members. It is an active space, do not hesitate to encourage your group members to post interesting materials. The About this group section is your organisation’s description and any other information that you would like to provide. The Group members tab displays your organisation’s Representatives, and other IWA Connect members that are interested in following the activities of your organisation on the Timeline.

Make changes to your organisation page

Only the Group Administrator can make changes to the About this group and Group members sections. 

Edit your Group Settings

To edit anything in your organisation page, click on the “⚙️” next to your Organization Name. This opens your Settings page.


There you can edit your organisation’s details (About this Group, Website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Organisation Type, Sector, Products & Services, Organisation size, Headquarter).


Edit your Banner and Logo

Click on Screenshot__531_.png and click on the pencil to add the logo of your organization, and a banner.

Click on Screenshot__530_.png and click on Add group banner to add a banner.


Edit your Group members

Step 1:

To edit a Group Member, you will first need to add him/her as a group member. Only a Group Administrator can edit the Group Members section.

Step 2: To add a member to your organisation page, click on Group Members.

Step 3:

Click on Add members. This will bring up a search screen where you can type in the name of the member. You can choose the Invite the member to join the Group, or directly Add the member to the Group.

If the person you would like to add is not on IWA Connect, you can invite this new user to IWA Connect by clicking on the upper right button + Invite new user.

Step 4:

The members you have added have automatically a role of ‘Group member’. If you wish to make one (or more) of them and admin, click on the arrow next to the name of the member, select edit user and click on Group admin.

For any questions or difficulties you may have, please contact your IWA Membership Services team via the “support” button or by writing an email to at


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