How to become a Network Member


Important Note:  As a Network Member you do not have all the functions and capabilities available on Connect. 

You also do not have the Benefits that a member has. 

To be able to use Connect to its full potential with all the functions and Capabilities including the benefits we suggest to become a Member.

To Become a Network Member

You would sign up the same way as a member does by clicking on the Join now button located on the top right side or the bottom left hand side of the Login Screen of Connect.

You will then get the Membership Overview page come up which lets you see what Memberships are available for you which you may subscribe to if you wish to become a full member instead of a Network Member. 

First you would choose the country

Then you would answer the questions as if you are becoming a Member. Once you have answered the questions you will get a Membership subscription price with the 2 available options 1 or 2 years. 

There is a link underneath the Blue Register button where it stats ''not ready to become a member? Sign up to Participate without Membership''

This will then take you to the Signup without Membership page where you complete, your First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Password. You can also explore the Member benefits and can choose to become a Member Instead of a Network Member.

Once you filled in your details click Next. you will then have access to Connect as a Network Member.

You can then Choose Your View, Complete your Profile. 

You can put a nice profile picture of yourself on you profile from here or you can do that directly in your Profile Page. if you choose to do from here you will be able to access your photos and then select your photo to upload. 

If you choose to do this directly in your Profile page please click Edit as shown below.

In the Profile page you can edit the About me section: You can write a short Biography about yourself, you can also put your Expertise on your Profile Page. Please make sure to click save so the changes take place.

Within the Edit page of your profile you have many options here. For Example you can choose to show your Occupation and Academic Ranks, you can also have direct links to your Social Media Accounts. Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.

Making any changes to your Profile Page click Save for the changes to take place.

if at any time you wish to become a full Member, you can by clicking Join on the Drop down menu underneath your name on the top right hand Corner of Connect.

This will then take you to the signup screen to become a Member.



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