I manage a university account, how do I set up my Academic Representatives?


As a university member, you have a designated administrator for your university account who is able to assign Nominated Academics (also called representatives). If you manage a university account, that’s you.

To see or edit your corporate account details:

Step 1:

From the IWA Connect homepage click the arrow next to your name on the top right corner to open the drop down menu. Click on Membership to open your membership details.

Step 2:

Further down the page, click on the Edit Button

Step 3:

Add Representatives by entering their Email, First name and Family name and then click on the Nominate Representatives’ button. Each new representative will receive a Welcome to IWA email instructing them how to access IWA Connect.

*Note that the number of representatives are determined by the type of university membership that you have. If you would like to add more representatives, please email us at members@iwahq.org to discuss a larger membership package. 

Step 4:

Once you have added all of your Representatives, select an administrator (admin) by clicking on the icon next to their name. Admins can make changes within the Representative panel.

Step 5:

After selecting your Representatives and an Administrator, scroll to the bottom of your page and select the Go to overview button on the bottom right side.

This will take you back to the Overview of your membership subscription and show you the details of the selected Nominated Representatives.

Step 6:

Click on the IWA Connect logo on the top left of the page to go back to the login screen where you can choose to see your Overview or go directly to the home page of IWA Connect

For any questions or difficulties you may have, please contact your IWA Membership Services team via the “support” button or by writing an email to at members@iwahq.org.


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