Membership Types



Individual Membership offers students, academics, researchers, consultants and all other water experts the opportunity to join the large network of IWA. We currently offer three different membership categories for individuals: Student, Retired and Full Individual.


Corporate Membership gives organisations, corporations and associations the chance to contribute to water development worldwide. Corporate members have the chance to actively involve their employees in the network of IWA by selecting Nominated Representatives. Depending on the size and preference of the organisation we offer the following Corporate Membership Packages:

Small – Less than 50 employees, with 5 nominated representatives and 1 free print journal

Medium – 50-500 employees, with 12 nominated representatives and 2 free print journals

Large – More than 500 employees, with 32 nominated representatives and 3 free print journals

In case you would like a package tailored to your specific needs, please contact the Membership Team.


Nominated Representatives are members of staff selected under a Corporate Membership. Depending on the Corporate Membership Package an organisation can select 5, 12 or 32 Nominated Representatives. They receive the same standard benefits as an individual member, with the exception of individual journal subscription at the discounted rates.  Nominated representatives are managed by the admin and/or strategic contact of the Corporate Member but will have their own profile in IWA Connect.


The University Membership offers universities (or departments) the opportunity to buy a package of individual memberships at discounted rates and to distribute these memberships among its PhD students and staff (Nominated Academics) in order to support their professional development. We offer four different University Packages:

Basic – Bundle of 5 Individual memberships with 5% discount

Small – Bundle of 10 Individual memberships with 10% discount

Medium – Bundle of 20 Individual memberships with 15% discount

Large – Bundle of 30 Individual memberships with 20% discount


Memberships can be taken up for 1 year or 2 years, with the 2-year membership option receiving 10% discount on the fees. Memberships are valid from the day of activation or renewing.

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